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Pumps for supplying Potable Water


Question: Is the water supply tank above ground or buried?

Answer: If it is above ground, choose from Jet pumps, Multi Stage pumps or Divertron. If it is buried, choose any of the above except Multi Stage pumps.

Question: Which model do I choose?

Answer: This depends on two major factors – head and demand. Head is a combination of the pipe diameter, distance to be pumped and how much it rises over the distance. Demand depends on the number of occupants in the dwelling and the potential for multi simultaneous use of water.So to calculate the total head we add the vertical (static) head to the horizontal head. To calculate the horizontal head, for every 100 metres of distance, add 15 metres of head. So if it is 20 metres horizontally, then add 3 metres of head to the static head.

Selection process example:

1/ How much does the pump have to deliver vertically? Answer 20 metres

2/ How much does the pump have to deliver horizontally?Answer 40 metres

Total head then becomes 20 metres plus 6 metres = 26 metres

Then proceed to select the pump that has a maximum head capability of at least 40 metres to provide a reasonable extra capacity. Remember that flow is more important than pressure, so a pump that has a higher flow capability is always a good way to choose your pump.

Question: Do I need to order a pressure tank with my pump?

Answer: A pressure tank is mandatory with a Divertron. With all other pumps that have an automatic press control it is optional, not mandatory. However the installation of a pressure tank will mean the pump has to start less often, resulting in a longer life for the pump and less power/electricity consumed. Pressure tanks are also useful for absorbing water hammer.

Question: Do I need to install filters?

Answer: Yes but with caution. Filters can be problematic if not regularly checked and cleaned as if blocked they will significantly and negatively impact on the pump performance. The best practice is to install filters in the gutters to prevent debris entering the supply tank at source and/or an under sink filter for your drinking water.

Question: Are the pumps covered by a warranty?

Answer: Yes, normally a minimum of two years.