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Bladder Tanks & Liners for Rainwater Storage Solutions


Exciting because: There are endless possibilities for hidden storage. You can sneak a bladder tank into anywhere there is 700mm clearance.

Applications: Good for using at home as house-proud customers can enjoy storage without ruining the look of their home or garden, but also ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

Uses: 'When it rains, it stores!' obviously great for water capture (potable and non-potable) including storm water detention, but also other liquid storage and transportation.

Hot right now because: Storm water detention is becoming an increasing area of interest for councils when it comes to new builds - as storm water systems are already under pressure (poor things, we know how they feel!). Plus, we're entering the warmer seasons, with droughts predicted in some areas. Therefore customers may be thinking more about water storage.

Tell me more: With drinking water standard AS/NZS 4020 accreditation, bladder tanks are becoming increasingly popular in the wine industry for storing and transporting wine in Australia. Cheers!

And lastly: They come with a ten year warranty. Sweet!