Terms of Trade


Our policy is to at all times maintain stock of all listed items and we apologise for the odd occasion when an item is out of stock and we can't supply within a 48 hour delivery objective. Remember that credit card authorisation and verification must be received prior to processing. Please ensure your order includes your name, a complete street address and a contact cellphone number. We will select the most cost effective and fastest courier service to make the delivery.

Please Contact Us for further assistance.


If you want to return a product, we will require an emailed explanation of the reason, prior to our issuing a replacement or a credit. If the reason is that the product has failed to perform to the standard required under warranty, we reserve the right to examine it first and receive a description of the installation that may have given cause to the failure. In the event we are satisfied the product has not complied with the expectation of it under warranty, we will offer you a choice of a) replacement or b) a credit to your credit card.