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Eco-Sac Bladder Tanks “Hidden Water Storage”

A unique system with patent pending technology that you won't find anywhere else in NZ!


  • Stores more water per square metre than any other type of bladder tank
  • Fit into hidden spaces out of sight
  • Come in many sizes to maximise water storage within any space
  • Are easy to install
  • Are economically priced
  • Are environmentally friendly
  • Have a 10 year guarantee! (and 30 year life expectancy)
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Eco-Sac Bladder Tanks “Hidden Water Storage”

Pump Stations

An effective, economical solution for the collection and pumping of wastewater and sewage, from below the sewer line.

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At Pumps & Tanks we're dedicated to providing environmentally friendly solutions to providing water. Water tanks store rainwater providing an alternative water supply for drinking, washing and outdoor use, using rainwater can also reduce water bills and take the pressure off mains water supplies. We're constantly sourcing and developing innovative ways of improving the environmental impact of our products, like our highly-sought Eco-Sac bladder tank.

Furthermore, all of products are produced with carefully sourced, high-quality parts that will provide a sustainable water system for countless years to come.


I contacted Pumps and Tanks NZ when I had to find a new pump to replace one that had failed. They provided expert knowledge in a friendly way, being patient with me given my lack of knowledge of pumps. I have been really pleased with the performance of the pump as it delivers much better pressure and flow than my old one. I recommend this specialist pumps and tanks supplier to anyone."

testimonials-stars-icon Martin Albrecht, Waipu