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Pumps and Tanks for Re-utilising Water Collected but not wanted for drinking

Water Pumps and Tanks for Re-Utilising Water Collected but not wanted for drinking


It is becoming common practice and often mandatory in urban environments for water from the roof to be collected before it is dispersed into the public stormwater system. This practice is commonly referred to as stormwater detention, or stormwater retention.

Question: How do I collect the water?

Answer: There are several ways but the easiest and most practical way is to install a bladder tank, either under the house, under a deck, or in any cavity which will allow water to gravity feed from the roof.

Question: How can I use or get rid of the water that fills the tank?

Answer: If the water stored is to be purely a means of stormwater retention, then consult us to learn how it can be gradually released into the public stormwater system. If you want to re-utilise the water, install a pump on the outlet of the tank to deliver the water to a tap or laundry.

Question: Which type and model of pump should I select?

Answer: Normally you would only need a smaller jet pressure pump, e.g. Inox 60PC