Rainwater Solutions

Waterplex Group

New Zealand’s premier rainwater bladder & flexible water solutions provider

Three standard size bladder ranges with more than 264 product / size combinations
–eco sac® residential & commercial
–reo sac™ residential
–reo sac™ commercial
–Liquidity VLS™ residential and commercial

Waterplex delivers:

  • The largest range of bladder tank & flexible water solutions in New Zealand
  • The only bladder tank systems with fixed mounting plates locking all pipe work in place –i.e. no moving parts
  • The only bladder tank system accredited to AS/NZS 4020 for potable water storage
  • Product manufactured to order –lead time of 4 weeks on all products
  • Design and solution advice – consultation, expert advice and technical support
  • A full 10 year warranty supported by sales and technical specialists

Why specify a Waterplex Bladder solution?

  • The only system that utilises a secured manifold that allows multiple bladders to act as a single tank
  • Largest bladder tank range in New Zealand
  • National network of preferred installers or easily installed by a licenced plumber
  • Potential to connect all rainwater down pipes due to its central location under a building
  • Utilise wasted space -out of sight!
  • Improved water quality -water is stored in a dark, cool location & eco sac®is accredited to AS/NZS4020
  • Easily delivered country wide
  • Cost competitive with slim line tanks
See the eco sac range here

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